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TERRA TRAC - Tractors

Suspended half-track technology for tractors

Work efficiently in comfort with TERRA TRAC.

Found on AXION 960 & 930 tractors, TERRA TRAC combines the advantages of a tracked tractor in terms of traction and soil protection with the more comfortable drive characteristics of a conventional tractor. As a new solution for modern, efficient agriculture, the AXION 900 TERRA TRAC was awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2017.

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Soil is Precious

Soil is the very basis of agricultural production. But it's a finite resource. Farms are increasing in size and the windows for cultivation and harvesting are becoming ever shorter. At the same time, machines are getting bigger, more powerful – and heavier. This leads to soil compaction. Modern agriculture protects the soil right from the start and avoids excessive compaction. So you don't have to invest time or money on deep tillage to rectify the damage.

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Low ground pressure

The footprint of the crawler track assembly depends on the width of the track. If the front tyre contact area is included, it can be up to 4 m². This is 1 m2 or 35% larger than a standard tractor.

This has a positive impact on your soil: significantly less pressure means less surface compaction. So you spend far less time and energy on restructuring work.

Even more striking is the soil-protecting effect of the AXION 900 TERRA TRAC in deeper soil horizons (below 40 cm) which were not tilled. Here, 50% less soil pressure was recorded compared to a standard tractor. Effective soil protection ensures high soil fertility in the long term.



The TERRA TRAC drive concept with its patented geometry combines reliable, durable components with sophisticated technology.


  • Friction-locked drive
  • Automatic track tensioning
  • large drive wheels
  • Hydropneumatic suspension
  • Wheels with independent suspension
  • two-track widths

Maximum Stability

The front axle and the crawler track unit with a large angle of oscillation easily cope with the very uneven ground on farm tracks and at field entrances. So the vehicle remains stable even when using heavy attached implements.


Enhanced Pulling Power

Powerful traction

The long wheelbase and front axle provide effective directional stability. Both crawler track assemblies deliver their full traction potential at all times, even under varying soil conditions.

Steady pressure

The vehicle's weight distribution and the implement's drawbar load have no effect on the behaviour of the TERRA TRAC crawler track units. Their oscillating motion keeps the track parallel to the ground whatever the working conditions.


Next Gen Comfort

Hydropneumatic suspension.

The smart suspension system with 120-mm travel provides a high level of driving comfort while keeping mechanical loads to a minimum. Idler wheels and support rollers with independent suspension enable ground speeds of up to 40 km/h and noticeably enhance cornering stability.

Wheels with independent suspension.

Independent wheel suspension has distinct advantages on undulating soil surfaces. Maximum traction is achieved by keeping the entire length of the track in closer contact with the soil. And more even distribution of pressure provides even better soil protection.

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