Mounted Spreader

Hopper sizes from 1000 to 3000 litres. For tramline systems from 10 to 36 metres.

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Mounted Spreader

Hopper sizes from 1000 to 3000 litres. For tramline systems from 10 to 36 metres.


The ZA-M 1001 twin disc spreader is the value for money machine to start the ZA-M technology. The basic hopper of 1000 litres capacity can easily be increased to 1500 litres with the robust, boltable extensions.  

The ZA-M 1201 twin disc spreader is equipped with a large 1200 litre basic hopper. The capacity can be increased to 2700 using extensions. 

ZA-M 1501 features a large hopper capacity of 1500 litres which can be increased by extensions up to 3000 litres. The versions with extensions (ZA-M 2201, 2501, 2701, 3001)  are also available as complete machines ex works.


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The Safety-Set comes as standard. The Amazone ZA-M with the up to date Safety-Set offers more safety. Implements mounted on to high speed tractors require clear visibiliy in road traffic. AMAZONE has integrated the strict demands on safety into a modern design. 

The additional mud flaps (option at ZA-M 1001 Special Profis) ensure that no dirt can be thrown onto the spreading discs from the tractor wheels. Large warning signs at the rear and the lighting system make the tractor and spreader combination more noticeable. The surrounding safety guard complies with the accident prevention regulations.

The entire spreading system of the ZA-M spreaders is made from stainless steel: 

  • the hopper tips and agitator spirals
  • the entire base plates with setting rate slides and hydraulic shutters
  • the spreading discs with the spreading vanes
  • the fully enclosed deflector plates

The benefits: 

  • Easy to maintain due to open design of spreader
  • Perfect functionality due to the maintenance-free oil bath gearboxes, stainless steel chain drive for agitator shaft, hydraulic cylinders and robust frame

The OM Omnia-Set spreading discs are equipped with pivoting spreading vanes that generate a spread pattern that is extremely precise and safe. With the aid of an easily readable scale that is in the user's field of view, the spreading vanes can be adjusted easily and exactly, without tools. AMAZONE provides comprehensive setting charts for all kinds of fertiliser, seed and slug pellets. The OM Omnia-Set spreading discs are made from stainless steel and are easy to fit.

Late top dressing is advantageous for generating quality crops. With the AMAZONE spreading discs this procedure is extremely easy to do without tools by just tilting up the standard equipped swivel tips on the spreading vanes. Optimum lateral distribution (example: working width 24 m).

The flat side edges of the Omnia-Set spread pattern make it insensitive to side wind and the different spreading properties of the kinds of fertiliser. This triangular spread pattern with its long, low flat spread and therefore large overlapping zones is decisive for providing additional safety and optimum precision.

The spread rate and the working width are preselected from the extremely comprehensive setting chart. Clear, easy to read scales help you to set the spread rate exactly using the shutter slide.


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