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Callum Swan

Callum Swan

Service Technician — CLAAS Harvest Centre Invercargill

Callum started with us as an Apprentice Service Technician in 2017 at CHC Southland. He has recently been given the opportunity to travel to our CHC Esperance branch in Western Australia to learn more about combine harvester winter servicing. During this time he has also been involved with the predelivery of LEXION Headers & Varios, rebuilt front axles and hubs on AXION 800 & 900 tractors and made sure to get a couple of rounds of golf in on his days off. 


How and when did you start your career in agriculture?

I left school early unsure of what I wanted to do. In 2017 I found myself doing work experience in a small country town agricultural workshop. I heard through my Pre-trade course that CLAAS was looking for someone – a couple of weeks later I approached the service manager at the time and started the next day. I have been at CLAAS Harvest Centre (CHC) Southland ever since. 


What drew you to the CLAAS Harvest Centre Southland?

The big draw to work for CLAAS was the opportunity to work with one brand but on a broad range of machinery and products, as well as the potential opportunities available to me in the future. 


What roles and experience have led you to where you are today?

Throughout my 5 years at CLAAS Harvest Centre Southland while completing my apprenticeship, I’ve been heavily involved with winter servicing in the workshop and on farm. When harvest comes around, I’m mainly out on the road in Southland seeing to breakdowns.

In the future I’m hoping to take on winter servicing of combines in our region and make it a big part of my job. 


What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy my job because of the people I work with - I have an awesome crew around me and going to work isn’t a chore. I love being able to work on the impressive product we represent and getting out and about meeting new people. 


What advice would you give to someone thinking of working in our industry?

It’s not an easy job and no day is ever the same in my role - some days are good and some days are bad. If you’re willing to work hard and show that you’re worth it then awesome opportunities will come to you. Listen and learn from others as much as possible.


What training and development have you undertaken with us?

Throughout the years I’ve worked for CLAAS Harvest Centre Southland, I’ve been on multiple training courses each year. I have been provided with as much training as possible to help me be the best at my role.

Fortunately for me I was given the chance to travel to Esperance in Western Australia in May 2022 in order to help with combine harvester winter servicing for 3 months. Being away from friends and family and travelling abroad  was new to me so at times it was challenging. The CLAAS Harvest Centre Esperance crew were very welcoming and helped me gain knowledge of the machines. They have a lot of knowledge and experience which shows in the results they produce.

The training courses, on farm work and the Esperance trip has helped me grow my social skills and confidence, and I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future. 


What do you feel are the key reasons that you have stayed with the CLAAS Harvest Centre team?

The people I work with are a huge factor in why I enjoy my job as much as I do. The crew around me are not only work colleagues but also mates outside of work. The products we work on are impressive and I’m proud to say I get to work on them. The experiences and opportunities available to me in the future are also a big draw for me to stay on.

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