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Wheeled Loaders

Cleaner, quieter and more efficient.

The JCB 435S wheeled loading shovel is designed to perform great feats of productivity and go the extra mile on the farm. We’ve designed the 435S to do just that, with long service intervals and quality components.


Work smarter and safer

Keeping operators fresh and alert all day long results in increased safety and productivity.

All controls are seat-mounted, even moving with the air seat suspension. You can also select the control system that’s best for your operators: choose from single lever joystick or multi-lever configurations, all using electro-hydraulics for the ultimate in precision.

Features like great visibility, non-slip surfaces, air filtration and heated external mirrors add to operator safety and comfort.


Efficient by design

The JCB 435S is designed to move more material for less. JCB’s unique 6-speed transmission ensures optimum cycle times and efficiency. A torque convertor lock-up in every gear improves acceleration, climbing and roading. Our Automatic Idle feature drops rpm to 700 after 30 seconds of inactivity. Eco mode limits engine speed to 1800 rpm for better fuel efficiency. A hydraulic cooling fan automatically reacts to ambient temperature and adjusts the fan speed to optimise cooling, reduce fuel consumption and reduce noise.

Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

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Sales Representative

Vaughn Carson

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Glenn Davidson

Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

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