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CLAAS ARION 600C Medium Size Tractors for Sale in Australia pictured ploughing a field during daytime.
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ARION 640-620C

140 hp to 165 hp Tractor

A tractor built to handle anything.

Meet the CLAAS ARION 600C Tractor – one of the most versatile tractors in the 140 to 170 hp class. Reliable and well-built to meet all your daily challenges, the ARION 600C combines power, manoeuvrability and ease of use into one dependable package.

CLAAS  Tractors pictured arranging hay bales in a shed.
CLAAS Tractor pictured in a field.

Tackle any job in style

You need a reliable tractor on your farm that can pull anything and remain stable. The ARION 600C features a long wheelbase of 2.82 m and almost equal weight distribution, with 53% at the front and 47% at the rear.

  • The tight turning radius saves valuable centimetres and precious time.
  • Short overall length ensures excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Intelligent weight distribution guarantees stability and tractive power.
Picture of the engine bay of CLAAS ARION 600C Medium Size Tractors for Sale in Australia

Power whenever it's needed

  • 6.8-l-6-cylinder from 145 to 165 hp (ECE R 120): strong pulling power even at low speeds
  • Electronic common rail injection system: the right amount of diesel at the right time
  • QUADRISHIFT transmission with four powershift speeds: the right gear for every situation
  • REVERSHIFT electrohydraulic clutchless reverser: for easy, rapid turning manoeuvres
  • 24-gear creep gear from 460 m/h: especially useful for horticultural work
ARION 600C Cab.jpg

User-Friendly by Design

CLAAS engineers design tractors based on one simple premise: the machine should adapt to the user, and not the other way round. The driver shouldn't have to read a huge user manual before operating the tractor. Good tractors can be operated simply and easily.

  • Ergonomically designed cab
  • Optional 4-point cabin suspension for maximum comfort
  • Powerful air conditioning system as standard
  • Excellent visibility of front loader
  • Vibration damping on front and rear linkage for a smoother ride
ARION 600C Maintenance.jpg

Speedy maintenance

With the CLAAS ARION 600C tractor, maintenance is a breeze. Access all the relevant areas in no time at all - engine, air filter, radiator and cab filter are easy to reach. What's more, the ARION 600C can be refuelled just like a passenger car, and the tank holds a generous 280 litres of fuel for a solid days work.


640 C 630 C 620 C
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Manufacturer
Number of Cylinders / Intake
Number of Cylinders / Intake
6/*TI 6/*TI 6/*TI
Cubic Capacity (cm3)
Cubic Capacity (cm3)
6788 6788 6788
Max. output (ECE R 120)1(kW/hp)
Max. output (ECE R 120)1(kW/hp)
121/165 114/155 103/140
Max. torque (ECE R 120)1(Nm)
Max. torque (ECE R 120)1(Nm)
667 633 580
Hydraulic Pump Flow Rate (l/min)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Rate (l/min)
98 98 98

Meets ISO TR 14396

*Turbo Intercooled

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